Why Do Most Furniture Stores Sell Mattresses?

If you have ever gone to a furniture store, you probably know that most of them will sell mattresses. The reason for doing so is very easy to understand. Depending upon the furniture store that you are at, if they sell bedroom furniture, including beds, it’s an easy upsell to provide them with the mattress that they are going to be sleeping on. Even if a furniture store does not have the most elaborate bedroom sets, or if they do not sell beds at all, they may still have mattresses for sale. That’s because many people automatically believe that a furniture store would have mattresses, and therefore they make them available. There are some other reasons why furniture stores will sell mattresses that may not be as obvious.

An Incredible Amount Of Profit To Be Made

One of the top reasons for furniture stores selling mattresses is that it’s one of the most popular items that people purchase for their homes. They may use a couch for decades, or a sofa, but they may often change mattresses every few years. There are also people that, over time, will develop back conditions. If they happen to have a local furniture store nearby, and they are selling mattresses that are more firm, or perhaps designed for those with back injuries, they are going to buy those, but not necessarily another bedroom set. It is because of this high demand for mattresses that furniture stores will offer them because they can generate a substantial amount of revenue.

  • It Allows Them To Sell More Furniture

Another reason that a furniture store will offer mattresses is that if they offer them, and a customer buys one, they may also want to get a new bed. If they decide to get a new bed, they might realize that they also want an entire bedroom set. Therefore, they may have only come in for one thing, but the furniture store can benefit by showing them where their new mattress would be better suited. Instead of simply placing this on their old bed, with all of their old furniture, they can offer them a package deal on the mattress and the bedroom set at the same time.

There is one additional reason that a furniture store may offer mattresses and that is because they are easy to sell. Although some of them may cost several thousand dollars, the payment plans that are offered to people are often the lowest that you can get for any item that you can buy for your home. Furniture companies recognize how expensive mattresses are, and how limited the funding may be for most people. They are very flexible with their credit checks, and also their payment plans, which is why you may see more mattresses being sold that furniture stores than any other item. It is for all of these reasons that furniture stores will offer mattresses because they will all benefit their business, regardless of the size of the furniture store that they own.


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